Grant means twelve enhanced rural bus services can continue to operate

Oxfordshire County Council will use £275,000 of its existing Local Authority Bus Subsidy Grant (LABSG) from the government to provide short-term interim support to the services which would otherwise have faced withdrawal in August 2021. Three routes are being saved in full through the interim grant, with the other nine having specific routes, journeys or days of operation being supported. The services are:

  • 11: Watlington - Oxford (Sunday service, 4 journeys)
  • 40: Thame - High Wycombe (Sunday service, hourly)
  • 46: Wheatley - Cowley (Monday to Friday service, hourly)
  • 47: Lambourn - Swindon (route via Ashbury, Monday to Friday service, 5 journeys)
  • 63: Southmoor - Oxford (Monday to Friday service, 5 journeys)
  • 233: Woodstock - Witney (Sunday service, hourly)
  • 488: Chipping Norton - Banbury (Sunday service, two-hourly)
  • H2: Carterton - John Radcliffe Hospital (Sunday service, 2-4 journeys)
  • S4: Banbury - Oxford (Monday to Saturday evening service, 2 journeys)
  • X8: Chipping Norton - Kingham (Monday to Friday service, 5-6 peak hour journeys)
  • X9: Chipping Norton - Witney (Saturday service, enhanced to hourly)
  • X38: Henley - Wallingford (Sunday service, hourly)

Further details can be found on the Oxford City Council website.