E-scooter pilot begins in Headington

Photo of a Voi-branded red e-scooter parked in front of a house with a shark sculpture in the roof

The aim is to provide local people with a new environmentally sustainable, socially-distanced way to get around the city while gathering information to inform nationwide policy. Users can find and hire scooters using a dedicated app; the cost of hiring a scooter is £1 plus 20p per minute, although it is also possible to buy a subscription that allows unlimited travel for a day or month. 

To ride a scooter you need a driving licence. Please be aware that police will also be cracking down on usage of private e-scooters over the trial period. It is illegal to use e-scooters on the road unless they are part of a government-backed trial; it is also illegal to ride on the pavement. Anyone caught using a scooter illegally risks a fine and points on their driving licence; their scooter could also be impounded.

50 e-scooters are being made available through the pilot scheme. These will initially be restricted to Headington - see the map of the scheme to find out more.

44 parking locations are also being provided. Initially the scooters will be available for use between 6am and 10pm. The trial  is expected to run until 30 November 2021. The information it provides will then help inform the Department for Transport's decision on whether to allow e-scooter rental schemes across the UK over the long term.

If you have any queries about the pilot scheme, contact escooter.trial@oxfordshire.gov.uk.