E-scooter trial expands into central Oxford

450 scooters are now available under the scheme - 250 more than previously.

From Thursday, these can be hired from and returned to council-approved parking locations distributed around central Oxford.

There are now around 150-200 parking areas in the city, including those that were already in the earlier Headington trial area. The new ones being added include spots directly outside the exam schools, the Weston Library, the ROQ and Westgate Centre.

A map showing the new area covered by the e-scooter trial, including all the parking stations, is available online.

The current trial is one of several underway across the UK, facilitated by local authorities. It is operated by the Swedish e-scooter firm Voi Technology, and is currently due to continue until the end of March 2022 following an extension granted by the Department for Transport.

It is intended to support safe commuting to work and education and to help reduce car use, air pollution and carbon emissions. Since it was launched, more than 30,000 rides covering more than 76,000km have taken place. The County Council and Voi will continue to monitor usage of the scooters; if the trial continues to perform well, it is likely to be expanded again.