Work to improve Parks Road entrance to Science Area will start in January

This will include the creation of a raised road table to slow down motor traffic and give pedestrians and cyclists higher priority, whether they are continuing along Parks Road or moving in and out of the Science Area.

This is part of the University's investment in improving provision for walking and cycling in the Science Area. The junction will ultimately form part of a planned one-way system, with motor vehicles entering from South Parks Road and exiting onto Parks Road. Cycles will still be able to move in either direction.

Work on the junction is expected to continue until around early February 2022. The contractors will do their best to enable cyclists and pedestrians to keep using the junction as much of the time as possible, but it may prove necessary to divert cyclists temporarily from the Parks Road cycle path onto the road, or to ask them to dismount and use the footpath.

After this, work will begin in early February on upgrading the South Parks Road junction, which should be finished by early the following month. Similar arrangements will apply for pedestrian and cycle access through the junction on the footway and cycle track.

Those working on the junction will to keep everyone as safe as possible, but please be careful while moving around the area while the work is underway.