Removal of disused bikes underway across Oxford

Any staff or students whose bikes have been left in a public place for some time, perhaps due to the Covid-19 pandemic, should be aware of the risk that they will be removed and if possible take steps to move them.

The Council is responsible for removing abandoned and unroadworthy bikes; in practice this work is done by Oxford Direct Services (ODS). ODS attaches a notification of removal to each bike's handlebars, warning that it will be removed in a week's time if it is still there. 

Removed bikes are taken to the ODS depot in Marsh Road, OX4 2HH for 35 days, after which they are given to charities or recycled for scrap if their owners have not come forward to claim them.

If you think your bike has been removed as part of this process, details of how to reclaim it can be found on the Council’s website.