Strong first few months for relaunched Science Transit Shuttle

Photo of ribbon-cutting ceremony at the entrance to the Science Area, to mark the launch of the new Science Transit Shuttle.

Launch ceremony of Science Transit Shuttle as a public bus service.

The Science Shuttle is now one of the public bus services operated by Oxford Bus Company and Thames Travel. The ST1 and ST2 services now run half-hourly between central Oxford and Harwell and hourly between the JR Hospital and Wytham Field Station via Old Road Campus, the Science Area and Oxford railway station, respectively.

Changes are now being made to ticketing processes for the Science Shuttle. University departments can now open a corporate account with Oxford Bus Company to facilitate use of the shuttle and all other Oxford Bus Company and Thames Travel buses;  more than 20 departments have already done this and ordered key cards that can be used for business travel on all Oxford Bus Company and Thames Travel buses. There is no charge for opening an account and ordering key cards. Departments only pay for journeys travelled, and staff do not have to pay at the point of travel.

Staff who commute with a season ticket valid on Oxford Bus Company buses can also use it on the Science Shuttle. The ST1 bus offers commuters a half hourly service connecting Redbridge Park & Ride and the Science Areas on the ST1, while the ST2 offers commuters an hourly connection from Seacourt Park & Ride and the station to the Science Area, Old Road Campus and JR Hospital. 

The timetable for ST1 will change in January 2020; see for more information.