Further growth for public Science Transit Shuttle

Photo of ribbon-cutting ceremony at the entrance to the Science Area, to mark the launch of the new Science Transit Shuttle.

More than 85,000 passengers have ridden on the two Science Transit shuttle routes since the relaunch in July 2019, and in January the service set a new record of more than 4,000 passengers a week.

The ST1 service operates from Oxford to Harwell via South Parks Road and Iffley Road. The ST2 service operates from JR Hospital to Wytham via Old Road Campus, the Science Area and the Oxford Rail station. The re-launch has replaced the minibuses that were formerly used with full-sized buses that have greater capacity and better accessibility for disabled users.

The Travel team within Estates Services encourages departments to open a corporate account with Oxford Bus Company to facilitate business travel around Oxford and between Oxford and Harwell. This account allows departments to order key cards as needed at no charge; these can be either individual cards or pool cards, and will only be charged for the journeys travelled. This avoids the need for the department to process small expense claims and makes it easy for staff to travel around the University to meetings and seminars.