Season ticket loan

These are for any service or route, as well as for parking at Park & Ride sites in Oxford. 

They don’t include any discounts – you can only get discounted tickets through the bus and train pass discount schemes, so be sure to check there first to see if your route is covered.

To qualify for the scheme, you must be a permanent or fixed-term staff member with at least a 12-month contract and be on the University payroll. Please note that we cannot extend the benefit to family or friends or transfer an existing season ticket into the scheme. 

You repay the loan in equal monthly deductions from your salary over the period covered by the season ticket.  The total loan amount must not be more than your monthly net pay and cannot exceed £10,000.

If you lose your ticket or want to cancel it, this is your responsibility, not the University’s. If you leave the University before you’ve repaid the loan, you will have to pay back the balance immediately.

How to apply 

Complete and sign the top section of the Season Ticket Loan Form and send it to your Departmental Administrator for authorisation. You will need to know your payroll number and the cost of the ticket.

If your application is accepted, we will arrange a bank transfer payment on the next available payment run, for you to buy your season ticket, so allow time for this. If you are buying a rail season ticket for less than a year or parking at Park & Ride sites in Oxford, you must buy the ticket yourself and submit proof of purchase with your application. The University will then credit your bank account and you will pay the loan back monthly as a salary deduction.

If you are a new member of staff and don’t yet have your payroll number, or have a query about salary deductions, email or phone them on 01865 616301.

For more help and any other queries about season ticket loans, contact the Payroll team.

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Payroll Team on or phone them on 01865616301