Car travel

Departments that are already open, or are about to open, will be given Temporary Permission To Park (TPTP) allocation for staff. If you are responsible for authorising TPTP parking permit applications, full allocation details are available from the 001 RTOSW Guidance for Departments document or contact the return to onsite working helpdesk on +44 (0)1865 276916 or

To apply for a TPTP permit, visit the University parking permits webpage for full details.

From 1 August, TPTP permits are the only valid permit during peak hours - see the box below for more details. 

Operational spaces and off-peak permits

Existing operational space permits issued to departments remain valid, and departments should continue to manage operational spaces as usual. Off-peak parking permits also remain valid at off-peak times, but please note that we are currently unable to process new off-peak permit applications.

Changes from 1 - 14 August 2020

The ONLY peak parking permit recognised as valid by Security Services for enforcement purposes from 14 August is the new TPTP permit. Staff are encouraged to book their new permit as soon as possible as this will allow them to receive updates on changes to parking provision.

All other University peak permits and all temporary parking permits issued by departments not using the latest online TPTP permit (including the temporary COVID-19 permit) will no longer be valid after 14 August. 

Holders of a TPTP permit are asked to consider using non-central University car parks, suitable for those who can park and pedal, or park and walk. Priority should be given to colleagues with disabilities or caring responsibilities, who may be reliant on access to more central spaces. It is also desirable to reduce the overall number of cars travelling to the city centre as far as possible.

Additional car parking spaces are being made available on a temporary basis only. Where possible, staff are encouraged to avoid car use when travelling to work. TPTP permit holders should note that these permits are temporary and may be withdrawn at short notice following changes to Government travel advice.


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