Rail travel discounts

There is a 5% discount for stations between Reading and Oxford (except for journeys starting at Reading and Didcot stations where an 8% discount is available) and a 5% discount for stations between Banbury and Oxford. There is no discount for stations between Worcester and Oxford, nor stations beyond Reading.

These discounts are only available on annual rail season tickets to Oxford when purchased at Oxford rail station. Staff purchasing an annual ticket via this scheme can save a third off the price on many journeys at weekends, Bank Holidays, or after 09:30 on weekdays (terms and conditions apply).

How to apply

  1. Visit the ticket office at Oxford rail station and ask for the University discounted price for the annual rail ticket you require combined with any further charter discount you may be eligible to receive if you are renewing.
  2. Complete the University Season Ticket Loan Scheme application form.
  3. Travel companies are no longer accepting University cheques for payment. Staff applying for a loan for a rail ticket will receive payment to their bank account in the next available payment run. Followed by an email from Payroll confirming eligibility for a University discount will be sent once payment has been processed. 
  4. Remember to take the following with you:
  • Your rail photocard (or passport-sized photo if you do not already have one)
  • Your existing pass. This is only required if you are renewing an existing pass and are entitled to a charter discount, which will be reflected in the payment from the University.
  • Finally, send proof of purchase to Payroll at payroll@admin.ox.ac.uk.

Interest-free loan

The scheme also offers an interest-free season ticket loan, which you can pay back monthly via deductions from your salary. 

Take a look at the season ticket loan page for more information.

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