Electric vehicle charging

Private vehicles

Staff holding a valid permit can charge their private electric vehicle in the Amenities Building car park at Old Road Campus. Please note that only vehicles with an E-permit will be eligible to park in a space with an electric vehicle charge point. To obtain this, please add '(E)' at the end of your vehicle registration number if your car is a plug-in electric vehicle when you are applying for a parking permit.

There are spaces for 8 cars to be charged at 7kWh on level P0A and for 2 cars in possession of a blue badge permit on level P1A. To use the charge points you must have an account with the POLAR network and have a POLAR RFID card. To charge your vehicle:

  1. Plug your charging cable into your vehicle.
  2. Place your POLAR RFID card on the circular target on the screen. The screen will show a green tick.
  3. Connect your charging cable to the appropriate socket on the charger (please note there are two sockets). The screen will tell you when to connect your vehicle.
  4. Once the unit has recognised that your cable is connected, the unit will lock it into place and the lights will change from blue to green. In the bottom corner of the screen, it will state “Charging” and the top corner of the screen will display the energy provided.
  5. To finish charging, present your POLAR RFID card to the circular target as before. The charging session will end and you will then be prompted to remove the cable from the charger.

If the units are not working or if you require further assistance please contact the POLAR 24-hour customer support line on customerservices@bpchargemaster.com or 0330 016 5126.

Please note, as these are private units, the POLAR app cannot be used to access them. Electricity will be charged at 30p/kWh to cover the cost of electricity, card payment handling charges from BP Chargemaster, maintenance and operation costs.

Further charging points at Osney Mead and Begbroke are planned for 2021, subject to budget.

You can also get help and advice through the government’s Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme.

Fleet vehicles

Charging points for University electric fleet vehicles are available at:

  • Wellington Square – capacity for 4 vehicles (7kWh); contact the Facilities Helpdesk for details.
  • Andrew Wiles building, ROQ – capacity for 3 vehicles (20kWh); contact the Facilities Helpdesk for details.
  • Old Road Campus - capacity for 4 vehicles (7kWh); contact the Facilities Helpdesk for details.
  • 1 South Parks Road – capacity for 1 vehicle (20kWh) for use by the Direct Labour Organisation.
  • 13 Banbury Road – capacity for 2 vehicles (7kWh) for use by IT Services.
  • Mansfield Road – capacity for 1 vehicle (7kWh) for use by the Department of Chemistry.

Further charging points in the Science Area are planned for 2021/2022, subject to budget.

If you are a departmental administrator, you can apply for 50% match funding from the Green Travel Fund towards the supply and installation of Electric Vehicle Charging Points (EVCPs) for operational fleet vehicles. 

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