OxonBike has risen again under new management

The OxonBike cycle hire scheme, which closed down last summer, has risen again under new management. Since the start of the year, the revived scheme has been run by Cycle.land, a local start-up run by Oxford alumni that also provides other bike-sharing and pool bike services in Oxford. OxonBike uses docking stations, and those at sites including the Radcliffe Observatory Quarter, Science Area, Old Road Campus and the railway station are now working again.

Cycle.land is planning major improvements to the service through 2019, with the arrival of power-assisted e-bikes and the potential for more docking stations. Important outlying University areas such as Old Road Campus and the John Radcliffe hospital are not well-served by dockless hire bikes, which tend to cluster in the city centre, and the hope is that the return of OxonBike will mean these places usually have hire bikes available to help staff get around town in an environmentally-friendly way.

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