Updated: Bus fare cap across England

Update: Bus fare cap extension

Bus fare cap to be extended for 3 months from 1 April 2023, backed by up to £75 million to help passengers save money and Get Around For £2.


As a result, staff and students commuting by bus can save on travel costs over the winter months.

Reports have found that bus fares vary widely throughout the country and among operators, and in rural areas, some even reach almost £6 for a single journey.

The new cap means that if you regularly travel by bus, you could save more than £60 a month if you take four (single) weekly trips. With single fares for a 3-mile journey estimated at over £2.80, the cap could save you almost 30% of the price every time you travel.

The funding to keep fares down follows the government’s announcement of £130 million to protect vital bus routes and services across the country. Visit www.gov.uk | £2 bus fare cap for details.