Guidance for staff on impending bus service changes

The changes are aimed at safeguarding key services in the current extremely challenging environment, with passenger numbers still very low due to the continuing pandemic, reductions in central government funding and a serious shortage of trained bus drivers. Most of them will take effect from 2 January 2022. Any staff who use buses regularly are advised to check the new timetables, maps and other information on the Stagecoach and Oxford Bus Company/Thames Travel websites.

Unfortunately, those who have bought a bus pass will not be able to use it if their route moves to another operator. The bus companies are willing to issue refunds for these tickets on a pro-rata basis; staff are strongly advised to contact the company that issued their current pass as soon as possible once they no longer need it, so they can receive as large a refund as possible. 

Those with a Stagecoach bus pass who will be affected by the changes should email to ask for more information or arrange a refund. Similarly, those with an Oxford Bus Company or Thames Travel pass should contact When doing this, please make sure you copy in the Estates Helpdesk.

Staff with a Stagecoach photo card bus pass will be asked to cut their pass in half after using it for the last time and email the company a photo to prove that this has been done.

In general, refunds are given for the remaining value of your ticket, minus a cancellation fee. However, where the bus operator is no longer operating the route, no cancellation fee will be applied.

Please be aware that staff who took advantage of the Double Up discounts to buy their current pass more cheaply will no longer be able to do this when replacing it, as these discounts have ended. This means the replacement ticket may be more costly than the one it is replacing. The Travel team regret the extra cost this will impose on some staff.