Low traffic neighbourhoods means changes to Cowley area

Making walking and cycling safer. A low traffic neighbourhood (LTN) is an area where motor traffic is prevented from taking shortcuts through a residential area by traffic blocks. This creates quieter streets where residents can feel safer and more comfortable when making local journeys by bus, bike or on foot. All properties can still be reached by vehicles, but those driving may need to adapt their routes to reach destinations. It is important that people who live on or drive along any of the following roads plan their route ahead to be ready for the changes.

The changes have been introduced on the following streets on the following dates:

1 March: Church Cowley

  • Littlemore Road
  • Beauchamp Lane
  • Churchill Road
  • Mayfair Road,
  • Liddell Road
  • Bartholomew Road

8 March: Florence Park

  • Cornwallis Road
  • Rymers Lane
  • Littlehay Road
  • Clive Road

15 March: Temple Cowley

  • Crescent Road
  • Junction Road
  • Salegate Lane
  • Temple Road


More information can be found here,  Low traffic neighbourhoods mean changes for the Cowley area (oxfordshire.gov.uk)