ROQ and ORC temporary car parks to stay open until 25 March

After that, both car parks will close permanently. They were set up in 2020 to support staff working on site during the pandemic, but planning permission for this was only ever granted on a temporary basis, and it expired at the end of 2021. Following the introduction of 'Plan B' restrictions in late 2021, Oxford City Council agreed to refrain from taking enforcement action until 31 March 2022, but added that it would expect the car parks to close earlier if restrictions were lifted.

Now that the University has moved to Business Continuity Planning Stage 1, both car parks need to close. The University has overhauled its parking permit system in order to facilitate flexible working - please visit the University Parking permits page to find out more about the options available and to pay for parking rights as needed.

A range of alternatives are also available, including discounted public transport and support for staff who want to start commuting by bike. These include free cycle training, a mobile mechanic providing free labour on bike repairs, and the recently introduced Cycle to Work salary sacrifice scheme, which enables staff members to pay for a new bike out of their pre-tax income.